Parmel Persians
Hello and welcome to Parmel Persians I am a small hobby Show breeder, my name is Cheryl and I live with my husband Jordan and NOW 3 gorgeous girls Ashleigh, Ella-Louise and our little miracle Darcey in Kent.

I started off with my pet Persian Billy. Billy was a very poorly baby when we got him and after lots of vet bills and lots of love and care he turned into a gorgeous healthy pet. Billy gave me the desire to breed solid coloured Persians.

With the help of Helen, I have now started breeding with fabulous lines of solid pedigrees.

I will only breed from cats that have been tested PKD negative with the FAB Feline advisory Bureau as this assures the correct cat has been tested. All my breeding cats are either tested DNA negative FAB or bred from DNA tested negative lines with the FAB.

I specialise in blue, cream and blue/cream and I am very lucky to be working with some of the purest colour bred pedigrees remaining in the country today, these being the English 3/5/13 dilute lines. 

I would also personally like to thank Helen, for entrusting me with their kittens and helping me along the very long hard road to the big Show breeding world.

I hope you enjoy my website and before leaving please sign my guestbook with your comments!

We also have a Luxury caravan for Hire for Holidays in Combe Haven Hastings, East Sussex, UK

Enquiries welcome, please contact me on
07738 364207 or email me

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