Parmel Scarlet O Hara (4)

Lacie By Design

 Pure Solid Line
Sire: Herrafaresiah Buster Bulmers (4) x  Dam: Herrafaresiah Parmel Cheri (5)

Now living with Eve 

Parmel Shikara

Herrafaresiah Parmel Cheri

Parmel Shikara is a Blue Torbie Silver Shaded

Sire: Parmel Creme de la Creme x Dam: Paw-Wally's Anastasia (imp)


DNA tested PKD Negative at Langford
DNA tested PRA Normal at Langford
TICA and GCCF registered.

Paw-Wally's Anastasia 

Herrafaresiah Chanel


Grand Champion

Parmel Roxi Delacruz (5)

Parmel Roxi Delacruz

Love and miss you every day, since Cancer took you from me! 
Roxi is a full 3/5/13
Sire: Petinderal Teo delacruz  (5)  x Dam: Herrafaresiah Chanel (13)
FAB DNA Tested negative lines 
PRA tested normal
Congratulations Roxi for winning at your first show  2 x Challenge Certificates at sheffield on 3rd Dec 2011 and winning 2 x Best Of Breeds. with also being nominated for Best in Show at the North of Britian.
Roxi has gained her 3rd Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed today 28 Jan 2012 at Southern Counties Cat show in Reading. which made up to Champion.

Parmel Roxi Delacruz gained her 1st Grand Challenge Certificate,   Best Of Breed and a Red Card Day
at the Cream Blue-Cream Cat Show in Reading 3rd March 2012

Parmel Roxi Delacruz gained her 2nd Grand Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed, 1st and 2nd in her side classes and nominated Best in Show
at the White Persian Cat show in Reading 3rd March 2012

Parmel Roxi Delacruz Gained her 3rd Grand Challenge Certificate, Best Of Breed, 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in her side classes
at the Surrey and Sussex Cat Show in Woking 17th March 2012.
Well done Roxi You are now a Grand Champion

Parmel Puttinon the Glitz


Parmel Puttinon the Glitz aka Milly
Sire: Parmel Creme De La Creme (5) X Parmel Smurfette (13)
Solid bred pedigree now living with  Lyn Hudson

FAB DNA tested negative lines
DNA tested PRA normal 
Blood Group A/b possibly A/B 

TICA and GCCF registered 


Annashirbella Melita


Annashirebella Melita 
Sire: Herrafaresiah Louisvuitton (5) x Dam: Herrafaresiah Gigi Riva (13)

Melita is a solid 3/5/13 breeding.

Thank you shirley for allowing Melita (lola) home with me.
Melita was shown at the GCCF Supreme 24/10/15 and got BOB and First , welldone.
FAB DNA tested negative lines
DNA tested PRA Normal
TICA and GCCF registered 

Parmel Grace Kelly


Parmel Grace Kelly 

DNA tested PKD Negative
DNA tested PRA Normal
Blood Type 

TICA and GCCF registered




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