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 Harry Troter

Parmel Jamez Dean had a fab day at his first ever cat show 
Three Counties 12/08/17
winning his Breed Class and BOB. Plus 2 x 1st in his side classes. 

Herrafaresiah Parmel Cheri

Herrafaresiah Parmel Cheri gained a first and B.O.B. at the Red, Cream & Tortie show in her first show.

       Congratulations Roxi on your first show at Sheffield 3rd Dec 2011

Well done to Parmel Roxi Delacruz for gaining her 1st Challenge Certificate,   and Best of Breed today
 at the Black, Red, Tortie show in Sheffield.

Congratulations Roxi on gaining her 2nd challenge Certificate, Best of Breed    and being nominated for Best In Show today
at the North of Britain in Sheffield. 

Thank you to all her Judges.

Roxi gained her 3rd Challenge Certificate and Best Of Breed today at Southern Counties Cat show in Reading.

Thanks again to all her Judges

Parmel Roxi Delacruz gained her 1st Grand Challenge Certificate,   Best Of Breed
and a Red Card Day
at the Cream Blue-Cream Cat Show in Reading 3rd March 2012

Parmel Roxi Delacruz gained her 2nd Grand Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed,
1st and 2nd in her side classes and being nominated for Best In Show
at the White Persian Cat show in Reading 3rd March 2012

Well done Roxi and Thank you to all her Judges.

Parmel Roxi Delacruz gained her 3rd Grand Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed,
2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in her side classes.
at the Surrey & Sussex Cat show in Woking 17th March 2012.

Well done Roxi you are now Grand Champion at just 13months old.
Thanks to her Judges.



Grand Champion Parmel Roxi Delacruz

Parmel Prince Charming was shown at 14 weeks old and won 1st open and Best Of Breed
2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in his side classes
at the LH blue, blue-cream cat show in Reading 17th March 2012.

Thank you to all his Judges
Well done Prince Charming AKA Bubbles
Now living with Cammy at Camtoe Persians, good luck Cammy with Bubbles 

Well done to Herrafaresiah Arizona for gaining his 1st Challenge Certificate,   and Best of Breed today
at the Black, Red, Tortie show in Sheffield.

Congratulations Arizona on gaining his 2nd challenge Certificate, Best of Breed    and winning BEST IN SHOW
at the North of Britain in Sheffield.

Arizona Gained his 3rd Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed in 3 straight shows Well Done Arizona aka Harry you are now Champion

Arizona AKA Harry your daughter is following in your footsteps as Herrafaresiah Waikiki won OVERALL BEST IN SHOW Blue Persian at the Blue Persian cat show 3rd Novemeber 2012.  
Arizona's son Marco Polo living with Annashirbella Persians also Nominated for best in show and won his first CC BOB.  well done both babies
and now your son is Grand Champion 

Albert is now Imperial Grand Primier Parmel Albert Einstein
Well Done Albert who is now 
GR PR Parmel Albert Einstein and 3 x Best In Show Winner neuter 

Thank you to Alison for showing Albert so well

Annshirbella Melita

Shown as a kitten at the GCCF Supreme at Birmingham NEC. Winning BOB and 1ST Open 24/10/15



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